Thursday, April 18, 2013

Alfred Hitchcock and Such

Well, it is mating season here in the sandhills, especially for the Purple Martin. They have been everywhere; attacking the mirrors on the cars and trying to get into the house. I took these pictures a few days ago of one bird that was bound and determined to get in.

Here he is trying to open the door. 

Things have seemed to calm down now so they must be done. Wish I had built a few birdhouses since these birds love eating gnats. Oh well. 

Took a quick tour through the garden this evening. I can't till straight!

Onions getting big.

Potatoes starting to do good also. going to have to get more dirt, then top them with some straw later. 

I do know one thing; I have a hell of a lot of weeding to do this Saturday. And I got stupid and got some sweet corn seeds to plant. And I also have to plant the second and third rows of beans, AND get the peas trellised up. 

Quick post tonight. Long week and dead tired. 

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