Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Not a bad day all in all. Weather did cool down some but still decent enough for outside work.

We buckled down and got the other front bed done today. After the 28 bags of mulch no less. We went the bag route this year as there's no real good location fro some near us.

D U N N, done. We also picked up a couple of trees. A big red oak tree for the back yard and a white dogwood for the front yard.

Oops. I didn't realize Amy was in the background. See, I do get help from time to time. 

I did some more work on the gardens getting them ready for plantings and realized that I may have to build a couple more raised beds. And tomorrow I will be tilling for the green beans. 

I found this a while back and I though it was funny. I will most definitely do this at some point. Sorry, I have a sad sense of humor at times. 

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