Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring, Spring, Where Art Thou?

We go from cold, rainy weather to highs in the mid 80s. Spring just shot right on by for some reason. Looking at the long range forecast it might cool down some for next weekend but still, let's try to extend this out some. Please.

Did some work in the garden today and hopefully got everything off to a good start. Planted some yellow squash and eggplant. With that there are the peas (need fencing for them to climb on soon), one row of beans (next row gets planted next weekend) tomatoes (staked a few up and lost a few with the really heavy rains lately), cukes (made their appearance) the 5,000 onions, and the potatoes (finally made their appearance too.) Feels like I'm missing something though. Hmmmmm. Need to think on this.

Green Beans. 

Thought about planting corn this year just to see if I can get it to grow. I don't know if it will be worth the effort though. I also got a hose spigot hooked up to the station at the garden, installed the timer, and ran some water out of the lines. I have one line that doesn't have anything running out of it so that's on the list for next weekend too.

Still haven't figured out what I'm missing from my plantings. Hopefully by this weekend. Also got to measure out the property so I can try to get a building permit for the outbuilding. That and a dna sample is required. Pain in the a$$.

Until next time, keep the spring in your step.


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  2. Wow! You're way ahead of me! Just this weekend I planted beans and squash and cuc's. Phase one that is. I'm going to try a bit of succession planting on those. Corn? SM would love to do it but I think it's a waste of space.