Monday, April 1, 2013

Weeks Worth of Work

Well it has finally arrived. My week off. It actually started this past Friday and no I haven't been sitting on my butt since then (OK, just a little), I have been working some and playing some. I have the remainder of this week to work on that My Long "To Do" list. Amy and I have purchased a great many things that need to go in the ground or be put up so we're off and running.

Friday started off slow as we slept in a little. Bubby and Squeak were home so we decided to knock out Amy's mailbox garden and get started on the front beds. Bubby didn't get his leave approved in time so we could go to WV so we decided to just stay home. As of last night however his Captain approved a leave for him that will last all week, so now I have an extra hand for the week! So after I started the mailbox garden I let the boys finish it and Amy planted it out, guarded by her attack WOF.

Saturday. Well it was a very nice day so the boys and I decided to paintball from about 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Long day of running around the field and at the end of the day my left heel started hurting again so now I walk around scaring little children with my gait. I doesn't get me much sympathy from anyone though. I did take some pictures of the peas (going strong) and the 10,000 onions (also going strong.) a while back.

Saturday also brought the WOF's their Easter gifts as they would leave us alone about them.

Sunday. The morning started with rain so I held off doing anything until I was sure it wasn't going to do too much. Watched the prerequisite This Old House and America's Heartland TV shows and read the paper. Once I saw that it was done it was time to plan out a strawberry garden for the plants we purchased. A trip to the big box store and I was back with some more of the damn heavy blocks. I was considering cedar but there's already a lot of that out there. After a few layouts I decided on a big oval.

In the front are two blueberry plants and off to the right are two blackberry plants. There's a history with me and blackberry plants that I will explain soon. I also transplanted my Candytuft plants I started into a large white box we had and put them off to the side of the strawberries. After this I hit the front left bed (front of the house) and topped off the new plantings with some good mulch (no more cheap stuff.)

New in here was a couple Creeping Flox and a couple Rasberry Surprise Dianthus. They smell really, really good. I'm sure I looked like an idiot bending over after I was was done with my nose to the ground. I also transplanted six Shasta Daisies that I started. They're on the steps as I have to find places for them. 

Also on Sunday brought a new change of order in the kingdom of the WOFs. Ginny, being the spoiled dog  that she is could always bully Chewie as he was the new addition to the household. Think red- headed stepchild. She always finishes her bone first and then takes all of the toys and keeps them to herself. Well on this day she went after the Chewman's bone and he snapped at her. She proceeded to snap back and he then proceeded to tell her that he had enough. So what do I see this morning?

Chewie with both Easter Bobos and his bone. He doesn't let it leave his sight. And now Ginny just sulks. 

Well, the sun is out after more rain and the temps are supposed to hit 72 today before crashing to 54 tomorrow so it's off to work on the front right and side beds today. I even toyed with getting some veggies in the ground but that may wait until later in the week when it warms back up. 

Protect your bone kids. 

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