Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Is 'Achoo, Cough, Cough' Here

Yes, it has finally arrived in my little part of the world. 70 degree days (80s coming soon) and pollen everywhere. And the Lob Lolly pine tree hasn't started it's work yet. We are all coughing, hacking, and just miserable at times.

The remainder of last week went by way too fast. Got the rest of the garden started so hopefully they will grow. A few minor things I need to get done, but the main one is that I have to rig up a hose near the watering system. I got the parts today and will hopefully get them installed later this week. No pictures from there as nothing is really happening. But I do have a few to share...

Daylilies are blooming.

Cauliflower is flowering

Me and the Boys spent the entire weekend playing a big paintball game. Nuketown 2013. 

Feeling it today though. Not as young as the kids but I act like it. A lot of players and fun was had by all. 

This got a question out of my youngest; Dad, why don't we open a store and I could work there! Sure, that's what I really need to do. But it did get me thinking; we live near a course and there are four more within an hours drive, there's only one store in town that I can find and they don't really have a good reputation with the people I've talked to, and the sport seems to be growing. Maybe some research is in order. When I had my remodeling business I really did enjoy it, especially being the boss. A lot of freedom in being your own boss but it is a lot of work too. We'll see.

Off to bed as we didn't hit the lottery this weekend and work today was longer than I wanted. 

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