Sunday, April 21, 2013


Dude! Or Dudette! Weed....... :)

No, not that type of weed. It the damnable Bermuda Wiregrass that invades everything around the properties in our area. If you've read any past posts you know of my hatred for it. I don't believe I have met a sane individual that likes it as well. I almost would rather have the illegal kind.

So I spent Saturday pulling weeds, pulling weeds, and pulling more weeds. I started with all of the raised beds and decided to go one by one; pulling the weeds, turning the soil over, pouring Preen all over, and installing to water line for the drip emitters. After that I installed some cheap netting between a couple of posts in two places for the peas. They were starting to grab hold of each other and I needed to stop that.

Then on to the potatoes. In my infinite wisdom I planted one row closer to the next so I couldn't get the tiller between the safely, so that meant hand- hoeing one row in each bed. After that fun it was on hands and knees pulling weeds. Everywhere. And I also got lucky and found a few fire ants to. They were so happy to see me that they climbed on and gave me a kiss. Damn things hurt. At the end of the day my back hurt too.

Sunday meant the Boys and I went to the driving range to practice (I seem to be getting worse so I may actually see the Pro for a few lessons myself) then came back for a much to do nothing day. I like days where you don't do anything. Need them every once in a while. Amy did some planting of flowers and cleaned up where the trash cans go. Looks much better around. Grass needs mowed but I am going to Thursday mow schedule. I was going to wash the truck but pollen is still floating about so that can wait. As you can see I averted two jobs with my common sense approach, the same approach I use for everything.

Some of Amy's handiwork.

The peas are now trellised.

Timer all ready to go and you can see the new spigot I put in. Now need a hose holder. 

You ever had rouge tomatoes? I swear I have some in a few of the beds. They look and smell like tomatoes. I don't know. 

Potatoes, onions and such.

Garlic is doing good too. 

And the usual end view.

I re- tilled part of the bean bed and we planted a second row of beans and filled in the first where some beans didn't sprout. 

That's a couple of the four new houses their building in our subdivision. After they finish the block foundations they'll have it framed up and under roof in about a week. They move fast. I really didn't want to see these being built. Oh well, new neighbors I guess. 

Well, sitting here watching House of Brian on TV. Good show. I like his other show he does also but it is fun watching him build his own house. Until next time, say Hey to Mr. Hand and be righteous.


  1. Good golly...You've just completed everything that's on my To Do for this week! Sure you don't wanna stop on by and just "git her done" for me too? @;)

    1. Well I was thinking that since you are off for a while you could come up and finish everything up here. Lol. Enjoy the week.