Sunday, May 12, 2013

Buzzing Along

Well things on the homestead are buzzing right along now. I believe with the addition of maybe two more garden beds we'll finally have everything planted. I am still on the fence about sowing corn. It takes up a lot of space for no more than what you get out of it but home- grown corn tastes so good. I got the new flowering thing Amy bought planted by the garden and the two plants we bought a month ago at the nursery planted by the driveway. Weeded today (always a job to do), got the last two rows of green bean seeds sowed, pruned and tied up the tomato plants, used the old mulch from the front beds around the raised beds, and backfilled around the potatoes. Believe it or not I have vegetables being set so my bees have been around. They're buzzing around somewhere. Off to the back- breaking, knee- hurting, ant- biting tour.

Guess what I found on my potato plants today?

Gotta find a good way to get rid of these beetles before they destroy the whole crop and find my tomato plants. 
We have peas already. We didn't really notice them until yesterday. Shelling time coming up. 

We already have a sweet banana pepper. 

These are my cukes with the tomatoes running down the middle. Their leaves are browning somewhat and I am  not sure why. Last year's crop sucked so I don't want to lose this one too. Ideas?

Green beans are moving a little slowly but I did get the last two rows sowed on the right side of the picture. 

Have our first two tomatoes already. These are the Amish Paste tomatoes. 

And speaking of tomatoes here's a couple of shot of my 'rogue' tomatoes. I am not too sure what I am going to do with these. Keep them or not? Hmmmmmm........

Some more gratuitous shots.

I'll get some straw on the potatoes probably within the next week or so after I get rid of the beetles. That should keep them until they are ready to be pulled. 

Knock- out roses in front are in full bloom as is most other things.

Nice little set- up The Wife made for the back deck. 

Well, others things that have been happening. 1) I have been spying a fox that has been cruising around the property and other houses the past few nights. Not getting into anything bad but just out looking around, 2) We've been hearing a noise out of the woods starting at dusk and continues through the night until just before day break. It is a two syllable whistle with a small chirp on the end of it. I have been looking but haven't found anything yet that makes this noise. I may get a sound bite and post it here in case someone knows what it is. It's driving me nuts, 3) Had our first slithering visitor of the year. The Wife finds it and immediately demands it's death. After I find that it is a black snake, killing it wasn't one of the things I wanted to do. He wasn't in a particularly good mood this morning and didn't really want me around him. When I went after him he headed for the deck so that was it. I was going to put the body in one of the houses across the street, sort of a surprise for the drywall crew but decided the woods was the place for it. Would have been funny though. Maybe not. 

Well, sitting here eating my favorite ice cream and drinking a Dr. Pepper. Last time for this stuff for a long while as I am starting a program to get in better shape than I am now. I'm not completely out of shape as I do stay active for the most part. Just seems like things are growing in places I don't want them. Maybe I'll start another blog about this experience. Stay tuned. 

WOF of the Week. Yes we do have one. Both the pups went to the vet's office this past Friday for their spa treatment, which means toe nails done, baths (needed) shots, and general check- up. Well, it turned into a hard day for the WOF. Being up in years I have noticed she has slowed down a little. 

Poor girl. She was out by 7:00 Friday night. 

Make sure you're up to date on your shots and see you next time!

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