Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Peas - Round 1

Well we ventured out into the garden this evening at the bequest of The Wife to pick and shell peas. A lot of peas. It took us three episodes of Flea Market Flip to shell all of them. But in the end we conquered all and ended up with a decent first harvest.

Two strawberry buckets full.

Doesn't seem like a lot but they will be enjoyed.

Sealed and heading to the freezer.

Should get one more picking before the weather gets too hot and I have to pull them out. Not sure what we'll plant next in this bed. 

Finally for this evening's' post I was cruising the front of the house watering the flowers when to my surprise..

They have bloomed out nicely and some are ready to come out and join them. 

Until next pickin, put your peas in your pea pot.

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