Sunday, May 19, 2013

Being a Good Spring

Well after about 6 days of no rain, 1 of which I had to water, we finally got some rain last night and today. Actually while reading Tami's blog, a big strike hit near the house which resulted in a WOF making an immediate jump onto the couch with me (see below.) So with the exception of one day of watering Mother Nature has done me right this year. So far. I know summer is coming and along with that, HEAT and NO RAIN. But for the mean time, the plants are loving it.

I went out Saturday and got myself 4 bales of straw to cover all of the potatoes. I did spray some Sevin on them a few days ago (and all of the other plants just to be on the safe side) and got rid of most of the beetles that were munching on the leaves. Buried them pretty good so should be good until harvest time. Well, I might have to cover them up a little more later.

Also while I was there I backfilled against all of the onions to cover up the bulbs.

Got a couple more tomatoes set so the bees have definitely been around. These are off of The Youngest Boy's plants he did earlier this year.  

So for next few hours I clipped on all of the tomato plants, weeded (never ending), cleaned up, and watered down all of the straw and green beans. The last two rows I planted have started coming up. Have to get the trellis system built for them. The peas are looking like another week or so for picking. Those we are going to freeze.

As I said at the beginning, it stormed here this evening and I got a visitor. She hates storms. Even the Chewman jumped. 

Here's the sound I was describing last post. A chirp and two whistles. Please help!

Another thing from last post was my starting an exercise program. I have changed my diet quite a bit which is what you have to do with this program. I did start another blog about it. Check it out if you want some good laughs. Working on Working Out

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