Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mid Week

I'm here. A little sore but I am here just the same. This exercise program has been kicking my butt but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. A couple days ago it hurts to type.

Today we are looking at a chance of rain as well as tomorrow. Beside yesterday it has rained pretty much everyday for the past 6 days. This weekend it is supposed to be nice so hopefully those peas are ready to come out. That and I want to get the green bean fences put in as they are ready to climb.

I can't quite put my finger on it but this spring seems to be a little off. A little cooler and definitely more rainy. I could stand this year- round. I cruised the garden when I got home last night and besides having to cover one of the potato plants, everything seems to be in good shape with all of the rain coming down. I even picked up a few more tomatoes on the vines. I did do some looking around and am still considering expanding the garden in a few places. Still on the fence about corn but I may add another row of beans and a few more pepper and tomato plants. We'll see when Friday rolls around.

Here's a link on how to help to people of Moore, Oklahoma. Terrible what happened and help if you can.

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