Monday, May 27, 2013

Three Day Weekend

Nice to have a three day weekend every now and then. Memorial Day (Decoration Day) is the reason for this month's extended weekend and one we shall never forget. Honoring those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our nation is something we should do every day. Thank You.

Started getting the green beans trained up the fence finally and did a lot of cutting and tying on the tomatoes. Uncovered the potatoes (kinda went crazy covering them up. Most stuck their head through but some didn't. Reason for doing this was to hide them from the beetles that have been attacking the plants.

Little SOBs. I can't continue spraying them every week until late summer. The only other way I know of getting rid of them is picking them off the plants and putting them in soapy water. I sprayed again today and will try to keep a good eye on them. 

Training up the beans. Some listen but most don't. Just like my kids. 

Also did some mulching in the beds to try to keep the weeds down. Already tired of pulling and pulling. 

Actually look really good. We had some left over mulch (if you can believe that) so I used it in the beds. I'll need about 5 more bags to finish off the last bed and do the paths in between them. 

WOF of the Week.

WOF and Chewman ready for bedtime. 

That's it for tonight. Not much I know but tired from workout tonight and I still need to post there. 

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