Monday, July 15, 2013

Harvest Monday, July 15, 2013

Good Monday to everyone. I am happy on one front as we have no rain forecasted for the next few days, and sad on another front as the garden has either drowned or been eaten alive by squash bugs.

We did two pickings this week and canned Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon. Here's the updated totals.

Another good picking of the tomatoes this past week which means we have passed the century mark on those and now up to 119.46 lbs for the year. The plants are looking pretty bad though so there will be some changes upcoming this weekend. I have some Early Girl plants that I am putting in place of the Romas. We also got a smattering of green beans, peppers, and a big eggplant. One thing that has continued to do well are the peppers, They must love all of the rain we have been getting, which is about 9-10" above normal where we live.

And this is not all of the canned products we have done! Bigger stove!
One thing I did get this year and has been totally worth it is a new tomato processor. Not the most fancy but it works great.

This past Saturday after moving the kids I broke down and mowed the yard in the rain. Sunday was 10% chance so I waited until about noon and hit it again and got it looking somewhat decent. If I'd waited any longer I would have had to bail it.

And of course with 10% chance we still got rain. Can't eliminate squash bugs when it rains all of the time. 


WOF of the Week. It's been a while for these showings but I will make an effort to do them more often. Like I said we moved the kids into their new place near his base and we had an old kitchen table that Amy used for scrapbooking, one that we were giving them. We took the legs off of it and set it down in the living room until we needed it for loading. Look what we found.
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Until next time keep your wood down kids.


  1. Me too...About peppers and the state of the garden that is. Not sure we can recover. It all started off looking so good too.

    Oh well...Time will tell.

  2. Mowing in the rain. Yikes. 120 pounds of tomatoes already? That's impressive.

  3. Wow, I feel lucky to get 100 pounds of tomatoes for the whole year and you are already kicking my tail. You had a great looking harvest this week! I would love to know how you get that screen shot of your spreadsheet to post as a picture on your blog. That would sure make my life easier when my harvests start getting bigger in a few weeks.

    1. What I do is complete the spreadsheet then back it out zoom-wise far enough that it all fits on my screen, then use Microsoft Snipit tool to capture the spreadsheet. It saves it as a png file, just like a picture. Then I just insert the picture like doing any other picture. If you have Windows it's great. Not sure Apple has anything similar. Good luck.