Saturday, July 13, 2013

One Down

Finally got one almost completely out of the house. Rented a Uhaul trailer and moved them and their stuff to their new apartment. A lot of stuff but thankfully he had help lined up when we got there in the form of two of his military buddies. They made light work of the stuff saving olde TD's back mostly. All in all they seem pretty well settled in and their apartment is nice as well. Oh to be young and starting off in life. Someone said that  they wished they had a time machine to use to go back in time and change things that they wished they'd did differently. I don't think so. That's part of the journey, good and bad.

Rain, rain, rain. That's all it does anymore. I finally broke down and mowed the yard this afternoon, and of course it started raining again. The last time I mowed was June 27th. I honestly believe it has rained everyday since then, save Saturday the 6th when we weren't in town. I just set the mower on the highest setting and went to town. The grass was so high it still tried to clog up the mower. Will hit the yard again tomorrow if there's no rain. Not counting on it though.

On the garden front everything is in shambles. I believe the plants are downing. Those that aren't are being attacked by squash bugs. Sad thing is I haven't been able to do much about the bugs because of THE RAIN. Hopefully get that taken care of tomorrow too. The Roma's are just about done so I picked up some Early Girls to put in their place for the rest of the year. It looks like we have green beans to pick and Amy harvested more tomatoes earlier in the week so we've been canning fools. I'll have pictures of this for Harvest Monday. In the mean time I think I'll take a break and enjoy some peaceful TV time with my British comedies.

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  1. I hear ya on the rain. I asked SM to mow yesterday and an hour later, more rain. It remains to be seen what might survive in my garden. You can toss some green beans my way...