Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Seed Orders and Layout

Been a pretty good Woffie type of day. Cruised through my seeds on hand then poured over the catalogs. I am going to try more varieties of the same type of plants this year. I always have my standards but I want to experiment some to see if some different varieties will do well in this soil.
What I have on hand and what I am ordering.
Large Red Cherry
Big Boy Hybrid
Black Krim
Brandywine Pink
German Johnson
Abe Lincoln
Cherokee Purple
Eva Purple Ball
Amish Paste
Better Boy
West Virginia 63
Crakovic Yugoslavian
Costoluto Genovese
Scarlet Topper
Yellow Brandywine

Yolo Wonder
California Wonder
Big Dipper
Perfection (True Heart)
Sweet Banana

Marketmore 76
Sweet Burpless Hybrid
Patio Snacker

Fordkook Zucchini
Straightneck Squash
Black Beauty Eggplant
Early Long Purple Eggplant
Sierra Gold Melon
Clemson Spineless Okra
Alaska Pea
Honey Rock Melon
Obsession Hybrid Sweet Corn
Silver Queen Swee Corn
Chioggia Beet
Romance Carrot
Utah 52-70 Improved Celery
Inchelium Red Garlic

Also have the allotment of herbs: Basil, Parsley, Mustard, Lavender, etc. Amazingly I still have a bunch of flower seed packets too. I am not sure if they are worth anything now but they'll be worth a try I guess. I am going to be companion planting around the vegetables with some flowers that will hopefully help ward off some of my pests that like to eat. Beneficial insects may make their way on the half- acre too. I have never used them before so there will be some more research.

Will be adding on to the garden again this year. Get a tiller and I go crazy, leaving no dirt un- turned. Rotating the crops around some; moving onions and potatoes into the 6 small beds, tomatoes in the upper plowed areas, build a new herb bed by request and two more raised 4' x 8' beds. I did a quick sketch on the  pad with a cool app that lets you write on pictures.

Well that's what I have for now. Things will change here and there (definitely not planting all of those tomato varieties) but for the most part this is the plan. Hope your planning is better than mine.

Last but definitely not least it is The Wife's birthday today. Happy Birthday dear :)

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