Sunday, January 5, 2014

First Harvest of 2014

The weather seems to turning really cold in a few days so I decided to get what I could out of the ground today. I will say 'cold for us.' I pulled one row of carrots out and what good cabbages were there.

Overall most everything is pretty well dead now. 

It doesn't look like it from the picture above but it is. I hope within the next few weeks to get everything pulled out and tilled in good. The front ground where you see the carrots and broccoli will become the new tomato area. 
Got all seed orders placed so hopefully the mailbox will get visited a few times within the next week or so. Actually didn't really order a lot this time as I already have a good stash. Can't wait to get started! Hoping for a better year than last. 

52 tomorrow, 24 Tuesday. 

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