Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sick Day 2

Well it's day two of my home vacation for the flu. Actually starting to feel better this evening so it looks like work tomorrow. Wah....

I did spend some time today dragging down the light stand from the attic and setting it up. I need to make the legs a little longer because last year the plants grew higher than I expected. Anyway I started some celery seeds today, 18 cells of them. So I got those and the onions under the lights now.

I worked more on the building this past Sunday getting the top cap on and a few trusses. It goes slow due to having to build the trusses as I go. Making progress though and hope to have a roof on it real soon. After it got dark I finished trimming out the last window in the garage.

We are all about sauces at the homestead. There's one shelf of the refrigerator dedicated to various bbq sauces; standard, vinegar- based, wing sauces, etc. Well we stumbled onto a new wing sauce in the store and found it to have the best taste without being too hot. Who knew they made sauces now?

Ebay find. Thought it was cool and was dirt cheap to get. I put these items on the garage wall since I don't like the term "man cave" and I refuse to have one. I cringe every time I hear that on TV. 

Another thing I did yesterday was get all of the seed packets out and make a chart of dates as to when to start them as transplants or sow outside, plus anticipated harvest dates. Didn't realize I had so many seeds. Dumb Excel sheet but worked well enough for me and it now hangs on the fridge for EVERYONE in the house to look at and help.

These are thanks to our new printer, one that isn't Ukrainian, Russian, whatever. The old one is here. Printed these out then scanned them as a jpeg. Blogger is picky. 

Well, of to do a few other things then bed early as sleep has sucked these past few days. 
WOF of the Week. Pretty much how The Wife and I have felt.

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