Monday, January 13, 2014

Sick Day

Well it seems that the flu bug going around has finally caught up with me. Not too bad this morning but driving to work didn't seem possible and from my understanding it gets worse before it gets better. So here I sit on the couch waiting for The Wife to bring me some medicine and blogging to you.
Building on my last post I wonder what 2014 will hold for out half acre? A few things have already been put into motion since that last post. A) Since the oldest boy will be going on deployment sometime soon my daughter in law will be staying with us during that duration. Love to have her around. B) My Wife's brother and his wife are looking for work down our way so they can get out of Dayton, OH. This means that they will be visiting sometime very soon too. He has an interview, then my mother in law and his wife will be staying and looking through the area to see if they like it. And if they do move to The Sandhills I believe my father and mother in law will move this way as well. All of this is fine as we've been in NC since 2005 with literally no family near us; be nice to have a helping hand :)
And with that knowledge let me look ahead into the crystal ball.......
1. By the previous post my "To Do" list is somewhat large so I know that will keep me busy.
2. With the completion of the outbuilding in the near future I am going to install a large water storage tank and hope to do the watering for a lot of the garden that way. Get rainfall from the building's roof.
3. I am also going to get a couple of compost bins going as I am probably the only gardener within 100 miles that doesn't have one. Hey give me a break; you did my list from last year right?
4. Seriously considering getting rid of the Directv in June when our contract is up. I am to the point of watching only a few shows and I think you can view those online now with one of those cheap services.
5. I am also thinking of getting rid of my smart phone and going back to an old flip phone. I need to keep one but it is burdensome with all of the emails and such.
6. I was going to say that I needed to get off line more but I'm not really on it much now. I have a Facebook account and a Twitter account but I usually use them just to see what others are doing. Still I need to limit these activities.
7. Stay home more. I need to make a concentrated effort to stay in town instead of traveling so much.
8. Blog more. I am not sure how some people can do 200 or more posts in a year. I did 85 last year and I thought that was good. Guess I had better step it up.
9. Read a few books. I used to love reading but it seems I have given that up. Being the geek that I am I read a lot of the Star Trek pocket books. Actually the last book I read was one of those books. Maybe I'll get back into them again.

That's my quick list. Now I'm going to peruse all of the seed packets that have come in a make a final plan today of what needs to go where.

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