Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow in the South

Sucks. Plain and simple. The natives here absolutely do not know how to drive in the white stuff. I was in Greenville, SC when this 'storm' hit and let me tell you it was pandamonium. They got enough snow to make a foot print. A little ice thrown in with a dash of cold temperatures and there you go. I was supposed to go to Charleston, SC but upon hearing that they pretty much shut the city down, I decided that home would be a better option. Cars everywhere; ditches, guardrailed, a few on their sides. The main highways around town were clear but roads around where we live are pretty bad. Squeak has a few snow days and the dogs are 50/50 on the snow. At least I didn't have to shovel the driveway.

As I said the dogs were 50/50. Ginny (Woffie) doesn't like for the snow to be on her paws as Chewie (Chewdude) loves the snow. This all according to The Wife. 

I actually did some work in the garden this past weekend. I took up all of the root crops and tilled everything over, then tilled on a few more feet to the main bed, so it is now 30'-0" x 30'-0". With that I can't wait to get the celery starts I have going into the ground. I haven't killed these as I did the onions. 

I started two different types of eggplant last weekend (Black Beauty and Long 'something') as well as a plat of lavender and a few sacrificial pepper seeds I saved. I tried this once before but forgot what I did with them. Here's hoping for better luck. 

WOF of the week. I will spare you the full shot and give you the close- up. 

Until next time stay off of the roads for goodness sake! People are crazy kids. 


  1. Even up here, where we are supposed to be used to the snow and ice, there are people who should not be on the road. It's like their minds are wiped clean every spring, and every winter they panic on the roads. That is some big garden! I'd love to have a large plot instead of raised beds, but that is my lot in life at the moment. Love your dogs!

  2. Glad to here you're safe. I expect you got a lot more snow than we did. Casey Pig gives me those belly shots too ....LOL