Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cleaning up and Blah

Well, second post of the day.
I spent the better part of yesterday morning to mid afternoon mulching the front bed of the house and planting some Petunias and Marigolds I bought. We're moving soon so I can take them with me and it makes the front of the house look better. I normally don't by too many store plants but this year we've been behind the eight ball on getting things going so let's at least get the place looking livable and lived in. Look close enough and you can see the Red Solo Cup transplants ready for the new house. Even the Azaleas are blooming good.

Also set some transplants out back today to start their hardening off. Cloudy all day per the forecast so there wasn't any chance (maybe slim) of me killing this batch. All's good and they seemed to like to outdoors when I put them away tonight.

Then the youngest boy and myself took a trip down to the new house to see how things were progressing. Not too much change in how things are going. They did have the main power hooked up and did some cleaning. All of the flooring is in, walls painted and cleaned up. I believe all we need now is grass, the stove, and a closing. We are trying to get the closing moved up a week earlier as the rental company that has our house wants to start showing it to customers although we are paid through to the end of June. I understand their need to do this and it is per contract but we also told them of the mess we have here plus we'll hopefully be out mostly by the end of May. Who knows. 

Looking good! Hope everyone's doing OK. Be careful kids...

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