Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Wife posts...again

The Hubs and the Wof are staying at the new house while the boy and I are making the trip back and forth and are sleeping at the current house - and since we have no Internet at the new house yet, I am posting again...

We are slowly but surely making some progress.  Remember the Pod Dude that was my hero on Friday night?  Well, after unloading the bulk of the stupid thing on my own (the boy was playing paintball and the Hubs was working on garden beds) - Pod Dude isn't my friend anymore!!  I do have to admit between my Santa collection and my scrapbook/craft stuff, a lot of what was in the pod was my stuff anyway :)

The Hubs came up with the idea for this sequence of shots --- pretty cool idea given the title of his blog:

Get it?  TOSSING DIRT!!!

and the beds themselves:

The WOF supervised --- she is NOT loving her new house.  I think we may have to go to some doggie downers until we get settled in a bit.  As long as we are in the house she is OK.  I am really worried about what she is going to do when we have to go to work and she is there alone. 

Of course, just when good progress was happening on moving the monster dirt pile

The rain came --- and man, did it rain...

Remember last week's landscaping? 

But where there is rain....

It is hard to see, but there were two rainbows - this is the view from the front porch.

And finally - as you do what ever it is you do to celebrate Memorial Day, please take a few moments to remember the real reason for the day - THANK YOU to all the heroes who paid the ultimate price so that we can all enjoy the freedoms that we often take for granted.


  1. I reckon you've got him trussed up in the basement. Before long we'll get the "oh, he was up at the new house and a bear ate him" post, before you pocket the insurance money and head off to the Caribbean! Nice work, Wife Woman!!!

  2. I can't begin to imagine how tired you all are. Moving and shoveling? Been there done THAT but not at the same time. It'll be nice to go back to work for the rest @;)

  3. The Wife commenting - mainly because I am too lazy to log out and login as me - I can't kill him off yet - there are too many heavy things left to move :) And, for the record, we don't have a basement, we truss our folks up in the attic there in the South... just so ya know. @ Tami - we are some kind of tired, but at least I get to be at home all week, poor Hubs has to hit the road and travel again. Talk at ya later - there are things to back and boxes to carry!