Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rumors of my Demise

have been greatly exaggerated. I am alive and tired. Working daylight to dark all weekend makes one a tired, sore, grumpy person. And as I write this now, I have spent the morning in the office until 11:00am, then drove to Prince George, VA to pick up material, then drove to this lovely spot of Aiken, SC. About 10 hours on the road plus 3 1/2 hours in the office AND answering emails and looking up drawings now equals one unhappy and even tireder (yes, that's a word) person. I know, quit complaining. And like The Wife said, we have no basements but we do have an unfinished room over the garage, which I will not be visiting for a while. Then again, it would get me out of moving boxes :)

We did get a lot accomplished this weekend. I got six beds built and planted with a variety of tomatoes (German Johnson, Eva Purple Ball, Green Zebra, Brandywine, Better Boy, Mortgage Lifter, Jelly Bean, Romas, and the $1.00 tomato, California Wonder and Carnival peppers, Black Beauty eggplants, Eureka Hybrid, Bush, and Muncher  cukes, and that's about it. I spent some money that I really didn't want to spend but I built the beds out of cedar so they'll last a lot longer. As we live in the Sandhills of NC, the current soil is not conducive to growing anything out of the ground. Anyway here's a few pictures of the new beds.

And here's a picture of the dirt pile I have left! Can you say "more?" OK, so I overestimated a little.

So the plan for this coming weekend is moving more stuff, building a couple more beds, finish the watering system (I started this but it wasn't in the cards to get finished), and just more zombie- like work. You can see the soil that we have above. Bermuda grass is what we can grow. And it is infested with those pesty fleas/whatever. Not fun when you have sweat pouring off of you and they're in your face!

The Wife, bless her heart, dug up her Azaleas and replanted them at the house by herself.

Suffice it to say, we've been busy.

First let me say, The Wife posted pictures of me "Tossing Dirt" at my urging. I thought it would be great to use here. But after much consideration of my attire of the day (hiking boots, tee shirt, gym shorts, Titleist hat and shades) I thought better than to use those images for my profile. After almost 20 years of marriage, I still got it! Or I couldn't find something else to wear.

Secondly, my neighbor pokes his head off of his deck as says "Hey, I see you're building some deer feeders." Great, something else to deal with.

Off to bed because I'm beat and another early, long day, (shit) today. Be safe out there kids.

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