Monday, May 21, 2012


have I been? More aptly where haven't I been. It has been a crazy few weeks and about to get crazier. We closed on the house this past Wednesday, had the garage floor coating company in Friday morning and to finish up today, spent the better part of this past weekend moving in miscellaneous stuff and redoing the front landscaping as the contractor that did it originally didn't put down landscape fabric! Now Tami may know what this type of Kudzu grass is but I do not. This crap grows along the ground and when you go to pull it up, you keep pulling and pulling! The roots of this stuff are 5'-0" away from you and the root system should be used for foundations at trailer parks. Once it's established, you can't pull it out! I don't know but the whole front beds were full of them. If they could make this stuff edible, it would solve world hunger. This shit will grow on and around a rock. We also had some wonderful people come and help us unload a heavy desk Saturday morning that we wouldn't have been able to do ourselves. Thanks Dreama, Bill, and Don. And Don, if you're reading this, do not, and I repeat, do not bring another item to be used for work at this house! If you come again, have a cooler in hand and chairs! Seriously, thanks for your help and "lended" items that have come in very handy! Folks, it's people like the ones above that keep this world spinning in the right direction.

Supposed to be a picture here but this hotel's internet sucks big time! All pictures will be in next post then.

One thing I am looking forward to is that I am building my beds this coming weekend (between unloading boxes from the Rat), running water lines (learning pex plumbing) and FINALLY getting my plants in the ground! I have enough more than ready to go in, and I'm tired of seeing everyone else's blogs and how they are doing so well! :) Not really tired of it but envious. All of this going on and we are slammed at work so badly that I have my laptop and my work laptop going at the same time in this rat trap. Nothing like multitasking. Oh, and the wife and I are texting too. Funny, texting is coming up as a mispelled word. I have a good space picked out in the far corner of the yard for initially 5-6 4'-0" x 10'-0" beds. Need to get a good dirt source (this will be the wife's duty) and have it delivered Saturday morning. Then the work begins. Yeah!

We have met, well, most of the neighbors (there's 12 houses in this neighborhood) and all seem like good people. A couple even have beer fridges so I'won't feel the odd man out now. They are also Harley riders so that may be in the distant future. Not likely but one can dream. Rather have an Indian but not at $28,000.00. No way! I want to retire some day.

Well, enough of this boring shit so I'll say goodnight and get back to work. And texting.

And for those of you that noticed that I misspelled mispelled, congrats! I know the wife did and I'll hear about this later. :)


  1. You aldo forgot that the fridge showed up, the fence guy came by with his laughable estimate, the concrete dude stopped with his even more laughable estimate - we discovered living in a rural area is not convenient when you under estimate the amount of supplies you will need - the WOF isn't a fan of the new abode - and The Wife will have a pool before you have a Harley (just sayin') - oh, and those people you mentioned before - all from WV...what's that tell ya???

    The Wife

  2. I'm thinking "The Wife" needs to do a post or two ;) Congrats on getting one step closer to your garden. I may have all my stuff in but it's slow going. You've got plenty of time still.