Friday, May 25, 2012

Well That Kinda, Almost Sucked

Had the Pack Rat sitting on our driveway for about a month and a half. Called May 16th to make arrangements for it's move to the new homestead this weekend. So, I get off work at noon today and thought that I'd cruise by the old house and see if they'd picked it up. Nope, still there. So as I'm starting my drive to Harnett County I thought to myself, "call these people and double- check that we're on their schedule." Called their office and,
Me: My name is such and such at blank address. I was just making sure that our POD is being moved today as this is the weekend we planned this.
Rat: Well sit, I don't see you on our list. We are swamped with work and I don't think we'll be able to get it today.
Me: OK, can you try tomorrow morning. We need to move.
Rat: Let me check with my supervisor.
Really annoying music interrupted by ads describing how great they are.
Rat: Well sir, we can't do it today. We can move it Tuesday if that's OK.
Me: Are you crazy? We have been planning this for a while! Let me talk to the Supervisor.
Rat: His name's Tony and he's on the phone at the moment.
Me: That's the person I set it up with! Let me leave a message and please make sure he calls me.

Some time later......

Tony: Sir, I understand that you say you scheduled a move today but we do not have you in our system. We are off over the weekend through to Tuesday.
Me: Tony, that is not going to work, period.
Tony: Where exactly are we supposed to be dropping the unit off at?
Me: blank and blank address.
Tony: Ohhhhhhhhhh, I remember you because I remember that address. Hold on.
More annoying music.....
Tony: Ok, let me see what I can do. I remember our conversation but for some reason the system didn't process my input. We are very busy but let me try to work something out.

So, now we are trying to figure out what to do for the weekend and maybe have to speed unload the Rat next weekend (we also have tickets to The Prairie Home Companion show next weekend too. The Youngest boy likes to listen to NPR with me. Go figure.) The Wife wasn't happy.

Get a call while driving back up north to old home.
Tony: Hey, I'm on my way (needs directions.)
Me: That's great! This will make things easier for us for this move.
Tony: See you in about twenty minutes. I may call back for directions.
Me: Sounds good.
The Wife happy now

So now I'm almost home to speed mow the lawn here and get that out of the way when I get another call.

Tony: Hey, my transmission started slipping so I stopped at the warehouse to get another truck but I have to stop and get gas too, so I'm running a little behind.
Me: As long as you get it moved, you could show up at midnight!
Tony: Really?
Me: No.

The guy shows up at 7:45 pm to load up and move the unit. And his drive will be a long one. It's a good 40 minutes for us without traffic. Being the long weekend EVERYONE was heading east on I40 to the beach. His gps said he would get there a 8:44 pm. He may have made it there by 9:25 pm. As long as it's there. 

PODdude as the Wife calls him. 

Long weekend ahead. She gets to unload the Rat and I have to build beds and move the 10 yards of 50/50 mix I had dropped of today. Also run the water lines and set up the drip irrigation system. Then come back to old house and tear apart a bed, dig up some of our plants here, yada, yada, yada. No internet yet and barely any cell service at new place. Had to get satellite dish as cable's not out there. But man it's sooooooo quiet! Except for the stupid rooster that crows all day. Not sure what his problem is? Maybe something tomorrow night if I'm not too beat. Enjoy yourself kids and be careful out there.

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  1. What a busy weekend you have planned! Be safe.