Monday, May 7, 2012

Frontier House

There was a show which I believe was broadcast on PBS many years ago called Frontier House. The wife and I learnt about it through one of our fellow coworkers many years ago. So being the series junkies we are, we ordered the VHS set of the series (remember video tapes?)

Well it just so happens that the DIY network is re-airing the series, so I set the DVR to record it so we can watch it again. The first two episodes are already to be viewed so now we have to find the time to view them. Basically, they take three families into the wilderness of Montana and let them live off of the land as during the Homestead Act of the 1880s. All conditions are as they were in those days with no modern conveniences. From memory it is interesting to see how each family group copes with their new surroundings and each other. All are given identities that they must follow and prepare for the upcoming winter season, along with several surprises that the producers throw their way, such as a cattle drive through their property. If you haven't seen this, it is good viewing. Makes you wonder how we modern people would be able to assimilate into 1880s life, leaving running water, toilets, fast food, phones, etc. behind. I'm sure it wouldn't be easy at first but overcoming the odds and situations are what we do best. At least most of us. Still can't convince the wife to go camping in a tent where there are perfectly good hotels nearby :) Here's the link to the website- Frontier House

Yee Haw!


  1. Ooooo Thanks for the heads up! I haven't seen this series and it sounds right up my ally. Setting DVR as we speak!

  2. Your wife won't go camping when there's a nearby hotel? It's funny that I never see your wife and my wife in the room at the same time!

  3. Yes, I remember Frontier House from when it aired on PBS, back in 2002. Wikipedia has a really article on this mini-series. As I read the article, I could picture some of the characters on the show. I remember best the Brooks. The male fiancee went ahead of his fiance, and his age 68 father joined the show at the last minute. together, they built the house for the couple. The bride joined later in the series and he gave her a gift in a wedding dress styled in the style of the 1880's but white. And, they had the wedding out there on the frontier. I am originally from Montana myself, so this program interested me from the start. And yes, I not only remember VHS tapes; I continue to play them many days of my life.