Sunday, January 27, 2013


It's cold outside. Baby it's cold outside.
Friday's are my early release day from work so I had hoped to make it to the house before this mini storm hit the area as we all know, southerner's can't drive in bad weather. No such luck and my normal drive time of about 45 minutes turned into about 2 1/2 hours. Ice, ice baby. Everywhere.

This is just one of the accidents I passed on the way home. Apparently the truck went up into the trees then rolled back down the hill. 10 mph was the maximum speed all the way home. Needless to say we did not go to Charlotte to see Ahmed at the show. That and it is 3 hours over and 3 hours back home. Add the time there and we couldn't leave the dogs alone that long. 

So Saturday saw me seeding. I cruised down the the dealership first to pick up my hitch then cruised by Lowes to see if they had anything new inside (no) but I did get a small tomato and cucumber kit for The Youngest boy to try. I want him to get attached to gardening too. Maybe I'll actually get some help out of my family when I do stuff. 

Pretty cool kit. After getting him going i started on my seeding adventure for the day. I started tomatoes, peppers, and few herbs. I got soil from Johnny's this year and it works great in the soil block maker. 

Mixed it up in the sink and worked out pretty well. 

All and all I got 128 tomato plants going, 32 peppers, a few herbs and flowers from my $0.10 pack find last year. We trade plants with people and I'll take some up north this year to share so no, I won't be planting 128 plants. 

An outbuilding is on the list and I purchased a book with outdoor projects in it and lo and behold, an outbuilding with a greenhouse attached to it. Two for one, off The List. 

Well, got to go to town and get my work truck. Going to be a long week. Oh, know fixing the lazy susan and  start remaining seeds off of the list too! Hope to get to bathroom sink tonight. 

WOF of The Week. 

Too damn cold to go out even. And you're welcome for the Ice, Ice Baby song in your head today!

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