Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Day of the Year

And what a day it is.

  • The beginning of 2013
  • A day off
  • The Wife's birthday
Yes, The Wife had another birthday today. We didn't do anything per her request but I believe if the weather is cooperative this weekend, we'll all go out to a nice place in nature and do a family photo. Something we have needed to do for some time and she enjoys them. There's a nice state park not too far from us so we might look there. And maybe hit those hiking trails to rid the 'holiday' weight I have added :)

Ordered most of my seeds this past week and only have a few more to get. Green beans are one and I'm kind of gun shy as what to get this year. My snap bush beans failed last year so I am thinking of runners this year. I still have a lot of the bush beans if someone wants them. Beans, Peas, and potatoes, plus a few more flowers here and there. I did pick a head of the red cabbage yesterday. Good sized and hope to have it later this week for supper. 

There are a few more in the garden but I'll wait to get those later this month. Then it will be close to seed starting time for the vegs and some of the flowers. 

Resolutions anyone? Mine is obviously getting out more this year. Stay of FB and other crap sites, keep up the blog and keep moving. The WOF needs to lose some weight too so we'll be walking buddies. 

Another is to simplify things around here. This is definitely involve getting rid of a bunch of crap. Yard sale in the near future if you're interested. 

Off to work tomorrow (sigh) so we'll catch up later.

1 comment:

  1. Now THAT's a nice looking cabbage!

    I've never had a problem with beans but my neighbor 3 doors down has NEVER successfully grown bush or runners. I wonder what's up? I've decided to only grow yellow beans (easy to see and oh so tender) I am trying a yellow runner for the first time this year.

    Happy B-Day to the Missus!