Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Again

I have finally gotten off my rump and ordered the last of my seeds and supplies for this year (2013, hard to believe isn't it.) Orders to Park Seed, Territorial Seeds, and Johnny's Seeds have been placed and I am anticipating their arrival. This doesn't count what I will get at the stores here but I shouldn't need too much else unless something catches my eye. It's like Christmas all over. I have received my shipment from Sustainable Seed Company for all of the tomato and cucumber plants a few days ago.

With this I got my soil mix, herbs, and hopefully some border plants to throw about for landscaping. The Wife and I talked and we can get the strawberry and blueberry plants from a local nursery. We have 3 within 3 miles of the house. Oddly enough they are all right beside each other. And continuing on landscaping, Ahmed Hassan of past Yard Crashers fame will be in Charlotte, NC January 26-27th at the 9th Annual Greater Charlotte Home and Landscape Show. This is something I would love to go to as I really like his energy and designs. Maybe only if I let The Wife cruise IKEA again. On second thought, this may be a bad idea pocketbook- wise. But if I could get him to do our backyard for free, what the heck!

The upstairs addition is coming along nicely. I have all of the wiring done to a point and started insulating. I did pick up a few OSB sheets to lay down in the very back of another section so I could relocate a bunch of CRAP that we have to access some wiring that I needed to get to. In doing so I left a small gap between the new and existing sheets and low and behold the Murray Curse strikes again. I will say this, I landed in a position as to not inflict too much pain but The Wife's bathroom ceiling caved like a left hook from Muhammad Ali. A small patch was then installed until I can get the right material to permanently fix the ceiling. Ahhhhh!

WOF of the Week. 
So she decides to curl up behind the couch pillows, until someone says her name.

She is special for sure. A little snippy with the Chewmeister but The Girl all the way.

Until next time kids, be on the lookout for your post- Santa!

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