Saturday, January 5, 2013

Unexpected Discoveries

Well, The Wife and I went out this afternoon in search of a 'junk' antique store she was told about up in Smithfield, NC. It was described as a 'junk hole in which you would have to dig and dig for treasures.' As thrilling as that is for me (sarcasm inserted here) I begrudgingly agreed to go.
On the way to this ultimate find we cruised past a store named JR's. There are two of these stores that I know of (may be more) in North Carolina and we have passed one continuously throughout the years in Greensboro, NC without stopping. "Discount cigarettes, bargains galore, must see, cheap prices" reads the banners that cover the exterior. We always imagined a disorganized mess with bins everywhere and trash on the floor. So you can imagine we entered the store with trepidation. Complete opposite than what we thought. It was crowded and there was a lot of stuff everywhere but it was clean and the prices were indeed cheap. Clothes, boots and shoes, flags, aforementioned cigarettes and also cigars, bedding, you name it. We cruised by a small garden section they had and made a great discovery.

The smaller pots were $2.00 each and the larger ones were $3.00 each. I have seen these same pots in the Big Box stores for $8.00 to $10.00 each for the small ones. Always have a use for a good pot. The Wife picked up some flags, we got a wind chime and a few other items and headed for the door. Surprising place and we'll definitely be back but we'll be there earlier. The place was full of Yankees. 

Our next stop was the junk antique store. And upon arriving in the parking lot my suspicions were confirmed. And it got no better inside. The building was a small part of the Selma Cotton Mill, once a 1,000,000 sq. ft. plant. Most has been torn down down except this section and the office building outside. It's more of a consignment shop but there was stuff EVERYWHERE! The don't have heat or AC to keep costs down and the lady running it also takes in stray animals until they get adopted so they were everywhere too. Here's a few pictures. 

You really have to dig and dig to find what you want but I'm sure it's here. I found this and wondered the chopping count that died over this stump? The Wife found herself a sleigh for decorating and a coal bucket for the dogs toys. 

We may go back but only when it warms up some. Outside. 

Good surprise when we got home was that my main order for Sustainable Seed Company arrived. I am going to work on getting the Green Beans plus some herbs and stuff on order tomorrow.  

Well, Chewie (Chewman, Chewster, Chewmeister, whatever) has hit his stride and now has been WOFIFIED. 

Off to bed so until next time go find those "treasures."

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