Tuesday, January 22, 2013


As alluded to in my last post, finishing the new light stand was a another thing off of my list. Lists is what I seem to live by as I think most people do. But these lists always seem to never get done and hang around our necks like an anchor on a rubber band. The way it bounces during a particular free period is what seems to get done or at least started to get done. I've started finishing the garage after we moved in and made good progress until more things popped up. Now I can't do anything about finishing off the ceiling until the weather improves some. Too cold to do anything. So without further ado, here's my list. For now. This list is liable to change without notice and the recipient of this list is not bound to anyone for any items to be done on the list in a particular order. Under copyright of law, or until I get tired.

My Long “TO DO” List

  • Build outbuilding
  • Design and build water holding tanks to catch water from outbuilding for gardens Compost barrels
  • Finish framing upstairs for rec room and bathroom
  • After electrical and plumbing complete, finish upstairs
  • Fix and finish side table
  • Fix broken small chair
  • Build two more card stock holders for The Wife
  • Build trellis (pergola) over current garden beds
  • Expand garden with in- ground plantings
  • Start remaining seeds (a lot) this coming weekend
  • Finish garage ceiling
  • Yard sale
  • Fix cold water faucet in small bathroom
  • Fix The Wife’s bathroom ceiling and repaint it
  • Build Chewie’s new water and food dish holder
  • Re- bend lawn mower blade bent when hitting big rock
  • Patch holes where I screwed up hanging living room curtains
  • Touch- up paint on walls around house
  • Finish and hang pictures in my bedroom
  • Redo front flower beds and KILL ALL BERMUDA WIREGRASS!
  • Fix lazy susan in kitchen
  • Greenhouse
  • Fix small car and sell
  • Taxes (Uhhhggg)
  • Fix small 4 wheeler and sell
  • Build paintball enclosure
  • Build golf club holder for bags and shoes
  • Invisible fence for the WOF's
  • Pool? That means decking.
  • Landscaping the side yards
  • And I’m sure there’s more; stuff that pops up everyday
  • Winning the lottery
That's my list at the moment. I actually added a few things as I made it out. The Wife also wants bead board in her bathroom. Maybe tile too. Paint the office. House is now settling so I have more touch- ups I need to do. There's three more things as I type. We have decided to take a Staycation in April just to try to catch up on loose ends. This I have heard from Tami at 500 Dollar Tomato. Good idea! And it will be the week of getting everything in the garden too. Just The Wife and me for a whole week together getting shit done. And we'll never get everything done. You know that as well as I do. What's on your "To Do" list? You know you have one!
On a separate note and no good to my list, Ahmed Hassan will be appearing at The Greater Charlotte Home & Landscape Show this coming weekend. I have mentioned this before but this may be a trip worth taking.

That's it for now so improve on your list kids and happy landscaping!

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  1. Seems like every weekend I make a fresh list and I'm always amazed at what doesn't get crossed off the list. Why does it take so long to get things accomplished? Is it our age?

    My week off in April is heaven. Problem is though that I then want a whole month off, then a whole summer, maybe a whole year. With that kinda time off I'd get all sorts of things done. But since it costs money (usually) to check those things off the list, I guess I'll just have to be happy with 1 week off.

    Enjoy yours! That list is gonna take awhile!