Monday, March 11, 2013

Could Be a "Hooky" Day

Boy is it ever nice outside right now. At the current time of 12:47 pm it is 63 degrees. 63 glorious degrees. Well I didn't play hooky as I'll be off with Amy in three weeks. But it is tempting.

Our Sunday started a little slowly, like Saturday. My excuse was I forgot the time went forward. I did forget. Honestly. So after a quick scan of the paper, blogging and coffee, it was back out to the garden. We got the remaining beds turned over, tilled up a third 25'-0" long row for the 15,000 potato spuds we had, finished planting the 25,000 onion bulbs, and watered everything down real good. I did get a surprise in the mail from Park Seeds. Guess what it was?????? More damn onions. They sent a bunch of Big Daddy hybrids. I told Amy that we would send those to her dad as we will not need onions for a while. Oh, she also got the garlic in the ground and then we pondered green beans. She wants a lot to can so it looks like the tiller will be coming back out. I have 1/2 pound of Kentucky Wonder pole beans and I still have 1/2 a bag of the bush beans from last year. Those will be started around April Fools day along with everything else. I really need to get a soil test kit to check the raised beds plus the new tilled areas. And it also looks like another raised bed or two might be needed. And she brought up a nice sitting area, etc.

Well, that's the after images from the work. I also got my holly bushed planted on the side of the house, my grass planted on the sides on the driveway, and one of the camellias planted. In the evening I transplanted 16 Roma and Amish Paste tomatoes into cups, said a silent prayer for the Mortgage Lifter's as I believe they got too close to the furnace vent one day, and watered the rest. New tomatoes for the father in law and peppers for myself coming along nicely. Busy day but got a lot accomplished. Fell asleep watching TV actually.

Back to work. With the daylight extended in the evening now it is a good time to start the hardening off process, a little at a time.

Miss Ginny says hi! What a WOF. Enjoy the weather kids!

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