Sunday, March 17, 2013

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

Not really I guess but I think there may be Irish somewhere in my family. Never really understood that phrase anyway.

Well it was a beautiful Saturday here in the Sandhills and I took full advantage of it. The boys and I went paintballing all day. To heck with the garden. I did everything I needed to do last weekend and there's nothing too pressing until our stay at home vacation in a few weeks so we went out, enjoyed the weather, shot people and they shot us, and overall had a good time. While doing this Amy and the Oldest boy's fiance' went shopping for things. She was invited to go with us but opted for the less painful route. No pictures from either event but we did get together after supper to mess around in the yard some.

The boys trying out their golf swings. The Oldest Boy (aka Bubby) was a good player in high school before he went into the service but had a hard time hitting them this night. The Youngest Boy (aka Squeak) is playing on his middle school team this year and wants to play through high school too. One's right handed and the other is left handed. 

But before the golf swings it was 'drag the markers out for some more shooting.'

Even Bubby's fiance' got in on the action! She loves to shoot but not get shot! That's what I try to do too. 

At the end all that was left was an orange board and overspray down the side of my truck. High tech huh? A shovel and a board. That's how we roll in the south. 

Today was clean the garage and dogs day. Sort through crap and more crap everywhere. Hardening off the plants good, and with this weekends' weather thought about sneaking a few in the ground but of course the forecast is going to shit so that's off. Maybe next weekend....... if we don't play paintball, or go golfing, or shopping for crap, or anything else. 

Off to do a few more things then crappy week ahead. I can see it now. 2 weeks. 2 weeks. 2 weeks. I'll keep chanting that.

 Have a pint on me kids!

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