Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Today's Travels

Well, as usual I have been traveling the great state of SC. Left the first jobsite a  little late this afternoon and I knew I wasn't going to get to the other one by day's end so I set the GPS to shortest distance and headed out. By doing this you are almost guaranteed to miss most interstates which is what I wanted to do. It may take a little longer getting there but it is also neat to see small towns here and there.
Noteworthy on this trip were two items; an old house and a company. And they seemed to be within 20 miles of each other.

Amy's dream house, or something like it.

I see a snake- infested money pit. I'm sure at one time it was nice.
Well down the road was the company that I actually placed a couple of orders with this year. Out of the blue and there it was.

Park Seed Company. I was there too late to go into the shop (Amy got really lucky there.)
That was the interesting finds for me today. Played my Powerball so now off to bed, hoping that if we were lucky enough to win, Amy would forget the house!
Good luck kids.

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