Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wow, That Was Tiring

And it was. Got two 25' long beds tilled out and planted way too many onions I'm sure. I still have to plant the 75 white onions sets that I have on top of the reds and yellows I got in today. I also turned over a couple of the raised beds and got peas, carrots, radishes, lettuce, red cabbage, and the garlic planted. Tomorrow will be Turning the remaining beds, maybe do another till area and get all of the potatoes planted and plant the stuff we got at the mega greenhouse that we finally got to visit. I will have pictures for you tomorrow morning but let's just say 300 acres of plants. And they were cheap, really cheap. And Amy found here arch nemesis, the cat- pee bushes everywhere.

Before view of the garden.
I had to mix in some dirt into the soil to help things out some.

Not a cloud in the sky.
More tomorrow but now off to bed.

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  1. What is it with onions sets? I've got mega-millons too!