Sunday, March 10, 2013


Like I said last time we finally got the chance to visit one of the three greenhouses near us. From the road it doesn't appear to be too much. You have to drive in and then just drive around the whole place and get what you want. That's when it hits you. 300 acres of stuff, outside and inside.

The really bad part about all of this is 95% of the stuff isn't labeled. The good part about it is that we got 2 Camellia's for $14.00, but later that day we went to Lowes and saw one for sale at $19.00.  Good prices if you know what you want.
Oh by the way, some know of my 'love' of the Bermuda wiregrass we have here. well, in tilling up the yard yesterday I hit a rock and look what I found.
It grew through this rock. We have to redo the front flower beds this year because it grew through the landscape fabric. I told you this stuff sucks.
Of to work as I forgot about time moving forward this weekend. 

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