Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Sundays

Well for the most part. Sunday mornings are a lazy, TV home- improvement watching type morning for us, but since our shows aren't on I thought I'd do an update as to what transpired here yesterday. It was indeed a busy day for me.

Every once in a while a mood strikes, one that says "well, you'd better get off your rump and so some things that you've been putting off." So yesterday started off with a workout, then I washed the truck and The Wife's jeep (just in time for the rain later today I guess.) Then it was brushing the Chewman as he can create so much fur right now we could take the excess and start a clothing line of shawls. Then I washed both dogs and put them on the back porch to dry off for a while. Went to the garden and cut and tied on the tomatoes for about an hour or so. I did this in my workout shirt which is sleeveless. More on this later.
Lunchtime came so I stopped for two small pieces of leftover pizza and a bottle of water. Showered and hit the big box store for those last 5 bags of mulch and some casters (more on this later too.) Got back and decoded to knock another item off of my 'to do' list. The Wife has been wanting a couple more paper carts she uses for her scrapbooking and seeing that I had this monstrosity of a table/stand I made moons ago. OK, maybe it wasn't that long ago but it sure seems like it. I decided to reuse it for these carts since I no longer had a need for this thing (a thought I found out later was wrong.) So without further ado....

I turned this:

Into these:

A hard plastic case sits down inside of it and she can roll them around to wherever she wants. I touched up the paint late last night so they look a little better than what is shown. And thanks to the guys building the houses across the street, I used one of the four dumpsters to deposit the excess materials. A fair trade for all of the crap that blows into our yard from them. That's one off of the list. 

Supper called so I ate a small one and rested a bit. The Wife came out and picked the remaining peas as they were going south (no pun intended) pretty quick due to the immediate hot weather we got. I got the purchased mulch and finished off the last bed and all of the paths around the beds. That's another one off of the list. Then I decided to jump on the mower and cut the grass as it was a little higher than I thought it was. Then back to the garage to do the paint touch-up on the carts. All said and done I probably stopped for a total of 1 1/2 hours yesterday, putting in a good 11 hours of work. I was beat at bedtime. 

Well here's the garden tour of Saturday, June 1st, 2013. I know you were waiting on baited- breath. 

The beans are still going pretty good along their redneck fence. Hope to get a lot this year. 

In case you can't read these are Eva Purple Balls. I first grew these last year and they are probably one of my favorites now.

I believe these are Beefsteaks. 

Squash, eggplant and I believe a cantaloupe. 

Rutgers. First year for these so we'll see how they do. 

This is a German Queen. Love the shape. 

Green bell peppers have come along and decided to set. 

All peppers seems to like the weather so far. Not too big yet but they weren't that big last year either. 

Told you the peas were done. They get ripped out today and I will probably start more cucumbers here and maybe some carrots. I have some problems with my cukes this year as you'll see below. 

A few strawberries. I didn't expect much from them this year. Nice to munch on while I work though.

Overall view. Seems a lot bigger than when I started earlier this year. Still no corn and I don't think I'll mess with it. A lot of room for one ear at a time. 

These are the cukes I mentioned. They just seems to be drying up. I water as recommended but it is tough to get them to do anything. Maybe if I put up a sunscreen on each side? 

Poor dogs. The WOF just lays in a corner watching the yard while Chewman sits at the door looking sad. He would bark about every five minutes. One bark as if to say "Hey, you guys left a dog out here!"

After my gardening work yesterday and unbeknownst to me until shower time last night, I now have bright red circles beyond my usual farmer's tan on my shoulder blades. And they hurt.
 Well the wind is picking up and that means rain is on the way, which means my late afternoon golf is not going to happen. I told myself I was getting out more this year and now that seems like a joke. Off to put some fertilizer down (either 10-10-10 or some fish emulsion) around all of the plants and let Mother Nature water it in for me, tear out the peas and plant cukes and carrots, finish weed eating (I stopped at dark last night), clean up some, workout, then if the rain passes us by, GOLF. Almost my favorite four letter word. 

Late breaking news here. Since the wind has picked up, it brings forth an unusual sound from our back porch ceiling. The wind catches the soffit just right and it sounds as if we have a moose in heat outside. Listen to the very beginning of the clip. It lasts for about 4 seconds then stops. If it is really windy, it starts, stops, starts, stops. Only we would have this sound.

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  1. Huh... I thought it sounded like a motorcycle zooming by.

    It also appears that I'm not the only one busting my @$$ in the garden lately. Your tomatoes and sweet bells are WAY ahead of mine. Funny that your kryptonite this year is cukes. Mine continue to be the sweet bells.

    Have a good week Ya'll