Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

First, Happy Father's Day to all Dads. As I say, it's the best job around!

I was out of town Wednesday afternoon to late Friday night. There was a storm system that rolled through Thursday and to my surprise look what I found Saturday.

Tomato down! So most of my Saturday was spent tying and weeding everything in the garden. And we are finally getting some produce from our 1/2 acre. 

German Queen. Got my eye on this one!

Our haul. Lot of hot and bell peppers, a squash, few roma tomatoes, and we dug up three potato plants. Think we'll give them another week or so.

And the result from our work was stuffed peppers that evening.

Totals from the haul:
Green peppers- 3.1 lbs.
Hot peppers- 1.3 lbs. (we froze these for later)
Tomatoes- .9 lbs. 
Squash- .5 lbs.
Potatoes- 1.6 lbs.
Cucumber- .2 lbs.
Strawberries- .11 lbs. (wow)
Peas- 2.1 lbs. (from earlier harvest)
Totals YTD- 9.81 lbs

As my Father's Day gift my boys got me a new hopper for my paintball marker. So I had the idea of us getting our pictures taken in the woods near our house as we never had any good ones done before. 

We're not real menacing to be sure. 

Well one last image and it is a special one for me. This was taken on my dad's 80th birthday party a good friend of his through for him. That's ole TD and my sister. I miss him a lot.

Well off to bed as I have an odd feeling this will be a long week. Enjoy the week yourselves!

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