Monday, June 24, 2013

Harvest Monday

Well as promised I checked all of the weights this evening and I was able to pick a few more peppers and tomatoes. 

Yes a spreadsheet, I know. Geek I am. Hey it helps me keep track of this and I store it on my cloud so I can access it anywhere. You never know when you need to update your garden totals!

Tomatoes doing pretty good but I see the Roma's ending within the next month. That will give me time to clean them out and enact my fall gardening plan, which I am planning now. I've even already received a fall catalog! Fun for me!. Potatoes comes out this coming weekend. I will then till in all of the straw, add some compost and ready it too for the fall. Peppers galore. They are really doing great this year. I believe I saw some SVB's on my squash so they may not last much longer. The cucumbers have turned around and are looking good since I put up the fabric. Everything else is growing as usual and a busy weekend in the garden is planned. 
That's it for me this evening. Watching Start Trek and a little planning for the fall :)

Visit Daphne's Dandelions to see everyone's harvest for the week. 

Live Long and Prosper!


  1. Holey Moley...Tomatoes? Already? I won't be seeing them for at least a month or more and my sweet bells are just now putting out blooms.

  2. I keep a spreadsheet as well! Geeky? Maybe. Helpful? Absolutely! Congrats on your harvests and your organization ;-)