Sunday, June 30, 2013

Well.........Guess What.....

It doesn't stop. And as I type this, it's raining again. More effiing rain! I have to admit that it's get old. 

Spent a lot of time in the garden Saturday. As previously mentioned I pulled out the remaining potatoes as they were starting to get eaten up too much by the beetles. Spent the better part of a couple of hours but harvested another 37.4 lbs. Not all of the were big but will make good soup that can be canned later. And while doing this Amy came out and asked me about the onions. I told her that the tops needs to die down some more but she went ahead and pulled a couple up to check and found out that one was starting to rot off. My guess is due to the abundance of rain we've had this year. So we pulled a few more and decided ready or not they had to come out too. We found a few more of the rotten variety but most were of good size, except the yellows. The biggest were the whites followed in a close second by the reds and the yellows pulling up last. As far as quantities; yellow, red, white. After getting everything out of the ground in these two beds I threw in some cow dung, spread the straw around and tilled the hell out of them. Took me about 2 hours to get everything the way I wanted as the straw kept clogging up in the wheels. 

That's 56 lbs. of potatoes. 

And now the back deck smells of the wonderful aroma of onions. We'll let them sit out here for some time then I''ll trim them back and store them away. And give some away too apparently. Total harvest of onions is  52.87 lbs. (yellow 23.26, red 17.63, & white 11.98.)

Ready for fall crops. 

We were able to harvest some more tomatoes, a few cukes, etc. and that will be in tomorrow's post for Harvest Monday. I was worried about doing that but dumbass me found out you can set for when posts occur so I'll get it typed up this evening. And as I finish this, it is still raining. Storming too so the dogs are freaking out now. And I have another post about earlier in the week madness. It seems to never end here. 

Keep your heads above water kids (blurb, blurb, blurb........................................................)

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