Friday, June 7, 2013

OK.......Rain..........And More Rain

So I made the mistake of saying 'Boy, I'm not complaining about it raining." Well I am now. Mind you we all like to see it rain from time to time. Seems like we are getting downpours that last hours. And hours. And hours. It was raining pretty good and Tropical Storm Andrea came up the coast and dumped more. Now that she's gone there still rain forecasted until next Wednesday.

I did have a quick chance to slosh out to the garden and take a look around. 

That's it. My Yellow Crookneck Squash and salvaged Daylily from the old house. 

That's more like it. And one more thing: When did gutters and downspouts become options? Hate not having them but my neighbor gave me a good lead on a cheap guy. 

That's it tonight. Maybe something tomorrow. Oh, changed the header too. 

Stay dry kids. 

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