Sunday, June 9, 2013

TD Suburban Farm Update

Well all is well here on the TD Suburban Farm. Humid as all get out but well as can be expected. Played 18 this morning in sweltering humidity. I hit it well for the limited playing time I get but it's really not that much fun continually wiping sweat and swatting gnats. Nice course if you're ever by. Came home with a good headache and backache. Cool shower, pills and lunch took care of that though.

Suitably rested I decided to tackle some garden chores; Tieing up the tomatoes some more and weeding. If you don't stay on top of them, they'll branch out and take over! But I can say that we have fruit on every one.

Cruised by the peppers and they are exceeding my expectations. They aren't growing tall again this year but are setting peppers left and right. 

Okra planted not too long ago is coming up nicely as are the two cukes. Plated them 6 days ago and I am surprised that the rain we've have didn't wash them away. May have washed away my carrots though. 

Found the beginnings of squash bugs on my squash and probably beetles on my green beans so it's a trip to the store tomorrow. 

April 21st to today.

Watching Moonraker now so a little more, another shower, then off to bed. 

Don't let the squash bugs bite.

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  1. Anymore I just shrug at the squash bugs. Whatcha gonna do? It's pouring here as we speak. 6 inches so far this week and more on the way. geez...